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About "Regional Academia Research and Practice Organization"

Citizen's University where anyone can study anytime, anywhere

Japan's first hybrid digital citizen university

For advanced recurrent education in the region, regional promotion and training of professional human resources

We will create a new educational organization that will open and manage civic courses at the higher education institution level.

We provide a variety of educational programs through web lectures, community practice exercises, and industry-government-academia collaboration.


​Citizen education aimed at by this academia

We aim to improve the value of many stakeholders, including the region. We provide an appropriate curriculum based on the needs of students and the community, and a variety of educational services for practical studies and academia that are open to the public.


Overview of our organization


The times are at a major turning point. Beyond overcoming the coronavirus crisis, the most important thing to entrust our future to the next generation is "education." I decided to set up an educational organization for new members of society and the community, with the intention of applying the experience of higher education at the university to the future citizen education in the community.

This corporation is planned to be established as a non-profit general incorporated association. Citizen's lectures offered by this corporation are different from open lectures and qualification acquisition lectures that have been held at many universities, etc., and provide a variety of learning opportunities in collaboration with local governments and companies. As a general rule, all courses are delivered online, so students can take anytime, anywhere, without time and place restrictions. The content of the course is carefully selected to solve regional issues and stimulate intellectual curiosity, and university researchers, practitioners, and experts from Japan and overseas will give lectures in an easy-to-understand manner.

In the 4th year of Reiwa, we are considering launching the "Kanagawa Future Creation Course" as the first civic course in collaboration with local governments in Kanagawa Prefecture. Kanagawa is also my hometown, and there are mountains, rivers, and the sea that raised me. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in creating an academia for citizens by new citizens together with the local people in this blessed environment.

[Career of founding representative]

"Regional Academia Research and Practice Organization" Establishment Preparation Office

Akihisa Shibuya


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