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"Introduction to Web Course"

1. About Web course

(1) This Web course is a general term for public lectures sponsored by the Regional Academia Research Promotion Organization (hereinafter referred to as "the Organization").

All courses can be taken by anyone regardless of age or educational background.

Delivered online, students can take courses anytime, anywhere, without time and place constraints.

(2) For each course, there are some that specify the course conditions for each course, such as the required prerequisite knowledge, tuition fee, start date and time, textbook, etc., so please check on our website.

(3) Prior application is required to take the course. After completing the application procedure and confirming the payment of the tuition fee, we will send you a "tuition confirmation slip" and an ID and password for online connection by e-mail.

In addition, we may decline if the number of students exceeds the number of students or if the number of students is small.

(4) The lecture time is basically 90 minutes each time, but please check it as it depends on the content of the lecture.

In addition, depending on the content of the course, multiple instructors will be in charge of the course in omnibus format.

​ <Flow of WEB course>


Application from HP


Receipt of reception notification email


Payment of tuition fee

(Bank transfer)


"Attendance confirmation slip"

Received by email


On the day of the course

2. About the network environment

If you want to take a remote lecture on the Web, please prepare the following equipment and network environment.

(1) Confirmation of equipment and environment used

(1) Please prepare your own terminal devices such as PCs and tablets, WEB cameras, microphones, speakers, earphones, etc. If it is already built into a laptop computer, there is no need to add a new device.

* During the course, if communication is concentrated on a specific line, the communication speed may slow down or freeze, so please use a communication device such as a Wi-Fi router to connect to the Internet. It is recommended.

* If you use the terminal in a close place, howling may occur, so if you have a headset or earphones, please use it in a timely manner.

* Viewing on a smartphone is not recommended because the screen is small and difficult to see.

(2) Use the latest version of virus check software for terminal devices such as PCs.

(3) Check the website below to see if the device works effectively.

((1) Microphone> Communication> Recording (Stop after speaking for about 10 seconds) (2) Speaker> Communication> Playback (▶) (3)) Camera selection)

④ The WEB lecture system uses "Zoom". Please download the software from the following HP.

The browsers (website browsing software) that can use Zoom are chrome, firefox, safari, and Edge (make sure that Edge is especially up-to-date).

⑤ Please refer to the video at the following URL for how to use Zoom.

3. How to take a web course

(1) As much as possible, restart the equipment to be used before the lecture start time (because the processing may become heavy).

If you feel that the operation is heavy, if you have many browsers open, please use only the browser used in the WEB lecture.

(2) Please access the Zoom participation address included in the email sent (guidance) from the secretariat.

If the default browser is set to IE, open the recommended browser (Google chrome, etc.) and paste the URL to connect.

(3) At that time, please be sure to enter the student's own name in Chinese characters on the screen for entering the "name". Also, please note that you will be absent if you leave the room for reasons other than equipment malfunction.

* If you cannot attend the lecture or cannot access Zoom, please email the secretariat in advance.

4. Precautions for attending

・ We do not allow anyone other than the applicants to watch.

・ We do not accept photography, video recording, or recording of lecture contents.

・ If there is an act that disturbs the instructor or other students, or interferes with the progress of the course, we may refuse the course.

5. Handling of personal information

Personal information collected by JQA will be used only for the purpose of running the course and will not be used for any other purpose.

When using the information, we perform necessary and appropriate management to prevent information leakage, leakage, and unauthorized use based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy" separately established.

"Personal information protection policy"
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