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Lecture materials for "Deciphering Azuma Kagami: Learning the history of the Kamakura period from historical materials"


​References for preparation

In order to help students better understand the content of the lecture before the date of the lecture, the references recommended by Professor Takahashi are introduced below.

In addition, we plan to send the attendance ticket and Zoom link address to everyone by email in early October. Please wait for a while until then.


Azuma Kagami in Modern Language: Exploring the Kamakura Period (Yoshikawa Kobunkan)

Screenshot 2023-06-11 120429.png

The explanations and notes attached to all 16 volumes of the main volume are limited to the minimum required items and brief explanations due to space limitations. Complementing them, we provide clues for readers of modern translations to go further and touch the charm of the original text. In addition, various issues such as politics and law, society and culture in the Kamakura period, which spread from "Azuma Kagami", are explained in plain language. The final volume will deepen your understanding of "Azuma Kagami" and the Kamakura period. (The content is from the "BOOK" database. For details, see the amazon link below.)


三浦義村 (人物叢書新装版 321) ​(吉川弘文館)

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From ancient times to the Middle Ages, from Kyoto to Togoku, from aristocracy to samurai politics. The ancient state was dismantled, and from among the powerful samurai warriors, Yoritomo, the main line of the Seiwa-Genji clan, established the shogunate in Kamakura. How did he manage to rule the world? What role did his wife play? It depicts a turning point in Japanese history, such as the shogunate's organizational structure, the characteristics of the samurai of the eastern provinces, and the achievements of the Hojo clan, who solidified their foothold for nationwide control. (The content is from the "BOOK" database. For details, see the amazon link below.)

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You can watch the recorded video of the lecture from the above link. We will inform you later about the period for missed lectures. Please take the class during that time. If you have already taken the course, please use it for review.

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