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"The Miura Clan in the Kamakura Period - The Real Image of Yoshimura Miura -" Lecture Materials

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​References for preparation

In order to help students better understand the content of the lectures before the date of the lecture, the references recommended by Professor Hideki Takahashi are introduced below.

In addition, we plan to send the attendance ticket and Zoom link address to everyone by email in early October. Please wait for a while until then.


Yoshimura Miura (Biographical Series New Edition 321)

​ (Yoshikawa Kobunkan)

Screenshot 2023-06-11 120429.png

An influential retainer of the early Kamakura period. He fought with his father Yoshizumi in the pursuit of the Heike clan and the Battle of Oshu. After taking over as head of the family, he and the Hojo clan overcame political strife in Kamakura, the assassination of Shogun Sanetomo, and the Jokyu War. After the death of Yoshitoki and Masako HOJO, he supported the new system in cooperation with Yasutoki, the regent, and was relied upon by the imperial court and aristocrats as the cornerstone of relations between the court and the bakufu. It criticizes historical sources such as ``Azuma Kagami'' and touches on cultural assets and historical sites on the Miura Peninsula, while approaching Yoshimura's true image. (Contents are from the "BOOK" database. For details, see the Amazon link above.)


Mr. Hojo and Mr. Miura (2) (Confrontation of Togoku History 2)

​ (Yoshikawa Kobunkan)

Screenshot 2023-06-11 120429.png

Is it correct to say that Mr. Hojo, who rejected powerful vassals one after another, and Mr. Miura, who was his sole rival? Paying attention to the existence of both samurai groups, the description of "Azuma Kagami" is examined from the perspective of relativization. It presents a new perspective on their roles and relationships. (The content is from the "BOOK" database. For details, see the amazon link below.)


Research on the Miura clan

(Yoshikawa Kobunkan) 

Screenshot 2023-06-11 120429.png

The Miura clan, the largest ruling family in Sagami, supported the establishment of the Kamakura shogunate. In addition to examining the theory of the origin of the Kanmu Taira clan, various problems such as the establishment of the title 'Miura no suke', the reality of Miura Yoshimura, the Wada battle, and the Hoji battle, and the family network of the local community are examined without being bound by 'common sense'. Pursued based on the criticism of historical materials such as Rui and "Azuma Kagami" and new historical materials. The Miura clan is reexamined from its relationship with Chuo, and a new perspective is presented to regional historical research. (The content is from the "BOOK" database. For details, see the amazon link below.)

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