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2023 Web Course
"Digital Society Basic Course for Citizens -Thinking about People-friendly Digitalization and Local Communities-"

While rapid digitization brings convenience and efficiency to modern society, we are surrounded by systems that we do not understand. In this lecture, by taking a bird's-eye view of the digitalization of modern society, experts in various fields will give easy-to-understand lectures on basic knowledge and usage issues from the consumer's perspective, including social background. .

[2023 Web Course]
"Digital Society Basic Course for Citizens
- Thinking about people-friendly digitization and local communities -

◆ Date: 2023 spring semester

◆Course Field: Social Science Area

◆ Lecture title: “Digital Society Basic Lecture for Citizens”
- Thinking about people-friendly digitization and local communities -

◆ Target audience: General working adults and students

◆ Holding format: WEB course

Dates: July 19th (Wednesday), 26th (Wednesday), 27th (Thursday),

     August 2nd (Wednesday) and 3rd (Thursday)

​ ◆Start time: 19:30-21:00

◆ Number of lectures: 5

◆Student capacity: 90 people per session (first-come-first-served basis)

◆Course fee: ¥5,500 (5 times per person)

◆ How to apply:Our HP participation application form belowpre-registered by

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*Even if the above date and time are not convenient for you,

Follow-up delivery at a later date at your favorite time

You can watch.

*This course is free for students (university students and younger). Please enter the name of your school or department in the occupation column of the application form.

*You can still apply even though the deadline has passed.

Part 1 Modern Society and Digitalization

Lecturer: Akihisa Shibuya

(Professor Emeritus, Yamanashi Prefectural University)

Wednesday, July 19th


We will give an overview of the purpose and orientation of the course, the history of digitization and its impact on society from the perspective of technological history and lifestyle.

Part 2 People-friendly

Aiming for IT

Lecturer: Jiro Kokuryo

(Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)

Wednesday, July 26th


Today's IT has become capable of responding quickly to changes in customer needs and adapting to situations flexibly (resiliently) even when emergencies occur. It does this by adopting a methodology that modularizes and assembles operations like Lego bricks, improving only the relevant bricks when changes are needed. First of all, it is necessary to sort out the complicated and entwined mechanism of the conventional type.

Part 3 Personal Information and Digitization

- Possibility of utilization of various data

         and points to note~

Lecturer: Attorney Kazuyasu Shiraishi

  Attorney Shimon Akutagawa


Thursday, July 27th


With the advancement of digital technology, various types of data are being generated and utilized on a daily basis. However, we are often unaware of how personal data is actually acquired and utilized. In this course, we will provide an overview of the flow of data, and explain the current status, possibilities, and points to note regarding data utilization in an easy-to-understand manner, based on legal perspectives.

Part 4 Latest Trends in Financial DX and

            How to use

Lecturer: Masayuki Endo

(Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University)

Wednesday, August 2


Regarding financial DX, we will guide you on the latest trends of banks and start-up companies, as well as the progress of cashless payments. On top of that, I would like to discuss how to make the best use of financial services and points to note when using them.

5th Regional Revitalization and Digitization

Lecturer: Teruo Hatakeyama

(Naruto University of Education Graduate School Education Research Institute

  Associate Professor, Social Studies Education Course)

Thursday, August 3


In rural areas where industry is hollowing out, depopulation and aging are progressing

in Japan, overcoming the isolation from big cities by using ICT,

and activated by measures that consider the characteristics of the aging area

We will introduce case studies and consider the effects and challenges.

[Lecturer introduction]

Mr. Akihisa Shibuya

(Professor Emeritus, Yamanashi Prefectural University)


Born in 1956, from Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law in 1980, joined Mitsubishi Bank, and completed graduate school at University of Tsukuba in 2008. PhD (law). After retiring from the bank in 2009, he became a professor at the Faculty of International Policy at Yamanashi Prefectural University. After retiring in March 2022, he will become a representative of the Regional Academia Research Practice Organization. His specialty is civil law, but he also conducts research on digital society and finance.


Mr. Jiro Kokuryo

(Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)


1982 Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. Joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. 1992, Harvard Business School, Ph.D. 1993 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University. 2000 Professor. After working as a professor in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at the same university in 2003, and as a professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at the same university in 2006 (to the present), he served as Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management from 2009 to 2013, and from 2013 to May 2021, Executive Director of Keio University.  
Major publications include "Open Architecture Strategy" (Diamond Publishing, 1999), "Social Capitalism" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 2013), "Cyber Civilization Theory: Potluck Economy Governance" (Nikkei BP Nikkei Shimbun). Publisher, 2022), and Mihoko Sakurai and Jiro Kokuryo co-authored “Sociotechnical Management: Aiming for People-Friendly DX” (Nikkei BP Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing, 2022).

Jiro Kokuryo s.jpg

Kazuyasu ShiraishiMr. Kazuyasu Shiraishi

(Partner Attorney at TMI Sogo Law Office)


Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics in 1996. Passed the judicial scrivener examination in 1998. Registered as a lawyer in 2003. Partner of TMI General Law Office since January 2016. Co-chair of the TMI Defense and Economic Security Practice Group. Member of the Information Disclosure and Personal Information Protection Committee of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association. A member of the Information Network Law Society. 2013 Graduated from University of Washington Law School (Intellectual Property Law Course). From September 2013 to May 2014, studied at Dorsey & Whitney LLP and Bracewell LLP in Seattle, Washington. From July 2014 to March 2015, he worked as a specialist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Policy Division, Economic Affairs Bureau (Japanese Business Support Office), in charge of overseas expansion support for Japanese companies and overseas expansion projects for legal professionals. Former member of the JBA Open API Promotion Study Group and the study group on contracts related to account linkage to prevent fraud by the JBA. Unmanned Airman Test (Drone Test) Level 1. A member of the risk management review committee for flying cars and industrial drones. He has more than five years of experience working at a major telecommunications carrier, and has extensive experience in dealing with domestic and international disputes, as well as IT, information, and communication-related laws, including personal information protection laws and cyber (information) security laws, risk management, and more. We handle a wide range of fields. He is the author and lecturer of many books and lectures, including "Points to Create a Privacy Policy" (co-author, Chuokeizai-sha, April 2022), "Personal Information Management Handbook 5th Edition" (co-author, Shoji Homu, March 2023).

Shimon AkutagawaMr. Shimon Akutagawa

(Partner Attorney at TMI Sogo Law Office)


Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law in 2016. Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Law School in 2019. Registered as a lawyer in 2020. 2021 Worked at TMI Sogo Law Office.

Focusing on the Personal Information Protection Law and overseas data protection laws, he handles a wide range of data utilization, security incident response, IT/communication/application legal affairs, taxation, and general corporate legal affairs. "Personal Information Management Handbook (5th Edition)" (co-author, Shojihomu, 2023), "Here's the point! Points to Note in the Revised Personal Information Protection Law (Vol.3 Safe Management Measures for Personal Information)" (co-author, Nikkin ONLINE, 2022) and others.

Kazuyasu Shiraishi, Attorney at TMI General Law Office (square trimming).jpg
Akutagawa Shimon TMI General Law Office Attorney (square trimming).jpg

Mr. Masayuki Endo

(Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University)


1983 Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics. In the same year, he joined Mitsubishi Bank (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) and worked for 32 and a half years until September 2015. Participated in large-scale projects such as the third online foreign exchange system development, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi system integration, and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ system integration mainly from the perspective of promotion management. For a time, he was also in charge of project quality audits and standardization within the system department. Experienced 8 branches (Tamachi, Kichijoji, Tameike, Tsurukawa, Kamiitabashi, Shimoakatsuka, Tama, Oshiage).

Completed the Graduate School of Strategic Management, Chuo University in September 2011 (Top), Master of Business Administration (Professional). Completed doctoral course at Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management in March 2015, Ph.D. (System Design and Management).

In October 2015, he moved to Shizuoka University and became an associate professor at the Faculty of Informatics.

Areas of specialization: Financial information systems, FinTech, information system management.

Book: "Risk Management of Financial Information Systems", Nichiken Publishing (2016), "Financial DX, Can Banks Survive", Kobunsha Shinsho (2022)

Photo Mr. Endo.JPG

Mr. Teruo Hatakeyama

(Associate Professor, Social Studies Education Course, Graduate School of School Education, National University Corporation Naruto University of Education)


Born in 1977.

2005 Completed doctoral course at Nihon University Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Doctor of Science)

After working as a researcher at the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Research Center and as an assistant professor at the Department of Geography, Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences, he assumed his current position in 2013.

Specialized Fields: Administrative Geography, Welfare Geography

Authors: "Community-Based Integrated Care and the Inclusive Society; Recent Social Security Reform in Japan" and "Maps of Japan's Health, Medical Care, and Welfare" (both co-authors)


Photo (Hatakeyama).jpg

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◆ How to watch the course: After the application deadline, we will contact you by e-mail with the URL to connect to zoom, so please access from there.


(1) This course is an online course. Please prepare a PC, smartphone, and tablet device before using the Wi-Fi environment.

(2) Only students who have applied in advance can take this course. Students will be notified of the access URL for watching videos by the day before each course.

(3) Please note that the application period, period, etc. will differ for each course.

(4) The personal information you have applied for will be managed in an appropriate manner, and will not be used for any purpose other than that used for this extension course, and will not be provided or disclosed to third parties.

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