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Regional Academia Web Course “The Birth of Hakone Ekiden and Sports Biography”

This course traces the history of the ``Hakone Ekiden,'' which will be held for the 100th time in 2024, a century after the first Tokyo-Hakone Kanto University Ekiden in 1920. We will examine the historical background of the birth of Hakone Ekiden and the history of track and field sports during the Taisho period. I would like to focus the lecture on the people involved in the early days of the Hakone Ekiden and consider the significance of the 100th anniversary event from a sports historical perspective.

[Birth of Hakone Ekiden and sports biography]

◆Holding period: 2023 course

◆Course field: Sports culture course

◆Lecture title: “The Birth of Hakone Ekiden and Sports Biography”

◆ Target audience: General working adults and students

◆Holding format: Online lecture

◆Holding date: Saturday, February 3, 2024, Saturday, February 10, 2024

◆Number of lectures: 6 times

◆Student capacity: 90 people per session (first come first served)

◆Course fee: ¥3,000 (6 lessons per person, including teaching materials)

◆How to apply:Our website participation application formPre-register by


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*For those who are not available on the above dates and times,

Follow-up delivery at a later date at your preferred time.

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The historical significance of the 1st Hakone Ekiden

Lecturer: Masahiro Ariyoshi
(Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Gakugei University,

Chairman of the Kanto Student Athletics Federation)

Saturday, February 3, 2024


1. After the 100th Hakone Ekiden

2. History and tradition of Hakone Ekiden

3. From Hakone Ekiden to the world

Part 2 Biography ①
“Jigoro Kano” Pioneer of popularizing long-distance running

 Lecturer: Hisashi Sanada

(Special Professor, University of Tsukuba)

Saturday, February 3rd


Jigoro Kano, who founded Kodokan Judo in 1882, also aimed to popularize long-distance running and swimming nationwide. Why did he aim to popularize long-distance running? I would like to trace his thoughts and achievements.

[Instructor introduction]

Mr. Hisashi Sanada

(Special Professor, University of Tsukuba)


Born in Tokyo in 1955. Completed graduate school at the University of Tsukuba. Ph.D. (Human Sciences)

He conducts historical research on the Olympic Games from ancient times to modern times, as well as Olympic education.

Chairman of the Japanese Olympic Academy

President of the Japanese Society of Sports Anthropology

IOC Olympic Research Center Grant Research Selection Committee

Former Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Advisor

Sanada 201902 .jpg

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◆Contact: Regional Academia Research and Practice Organization Tel: 050-3479-1511

◆How to watch the course: After the application deadline, we will send you an email with the URL to connect to zoom, so please access from there.


(1) This course is an online course. Please prepare your computer, smartphone, or tablet device and use the Wi-Fi environment.

(2) Only those who have applied in advance can attend this course. Participants will be notified of the URL to access the video by the day before each course begins.

(3) Please note that the application period and period vary for each course.

(4) The personal information you have applied for will be managed in an appropriate manner and will not be used for any purpose other than this public course, nor will it be provided or disclosed to third parties.

[​Application for this course]

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