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Digital Society Basic Course for Citizens
Materials for considering people-friendly digitization and local communities

We will post the literature and materials recommended by the instructors. Please refer to it as a preparation and review for the course.

"Socio-Technical Management: Aiming for People-Friendly DX" by Mihoko Sakurai and Jiro Kokuryo
Socio-technical management is a way of thinking that regards IT systems not as mere tools for improving efficiency, but as something that supports people's happiness and diverse needs. The goal is to improve the overall quality of life. What is necessary for the practice of socio-technical management is the integrated design of social and technical systems. Digital technology is required to respond to the diverse needs of each individual in a detailed and gentle manner. This book clarifies that the fruits of digital transformation (DX) can be returned to society as a whole through integrated design of social and technical systems.(See the amazon link below for details.)
Screenshot 2023-06-11 120429.png
"Financial DX, Can Banks Survive? (Kobunsha Shinsho)" by Masayuki Endo
The theme of this book is "Will Banks Survive?" In 1994, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is said to have made a remark to the effect that "We need the functions of a bank, but we don't need the bank we have today." (Omitted)
Are banks really essential to society? What are the necessary banking functions that society expects from banks, and what are the strategies that banks should implement based on these essential functions? In this book, I would like to think together with the readers.
(Contents/See the Amazon link below for details. )
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You can watch the recorded video of the lecture from the above link. Missed lectures will be delivered for one month from the date of the lecture. Please take the course during that time. If you have already taken the course, please use it for review.

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