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About "Regional Academia Research and Practice Organization"

Courses scheduled to open in 2023 (Course names are tentative)

"History course around the Miura clan and Kamakura"
We are planning a sequel to the Kamakura history course that was well received last year!
2023-01-05 210240.png
"History Lecture on Understanding Azuma Kagami"
"Hakone Ekiden 100th Memorial Tournament Special Lecture"
​We are planning a series of lectures on the Hakone Ekiden following last year.
"Digital Society Basic Course for Citizens"
-Thinking about people-friendly digitalization and local communities-
"Basic course to enhance the ability to watch over the community
-Utilization and practice of local networks that support the elderly-
​ We are planning a joint course with the Kanagawa Community College course in 2023.
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